Thursday, October 21, 2010

Under Construction

My home is under major turmoil. We had over a YEAR AGO a company put in new windows and vinyl siding. The timing was a nightmare! It was just when my mother died and they called to deliver the supplies beforehand. We told them that my mothers funeral was that day and we would not be able to be there. No problem they said. An hour before we were to leave ONE guy shows up to unload himself. Now we had a bow window ordered and there was no way he was going to unload it himself. So hubby in his suit helps him unload just that window. Why would they send just 1 person with such a big item to unload?
The FIRST crew starts work and remove all old windows and siding. Good start. Then comes the nightmare. Three guys all start at different places. After they  left we go out to see the progress. Oh my! The corner posts are at different lengths, the siding was at different levels, when you looked down the side the seams were wavy. Not only that any garbage they had was now thrown in the yard. It did not take my hubby long to call the main office to complain and demand they be replaced with a different crew.
In comes the second crew.... Ok it looked better, BUT after they left we found the problems. The first day a piece of siding fell off, we had a wind storm and found that the windows leaked, the storm door did not close properly. etc......
Hubby calls to complain and that is when the nightmare started. We would leave messages and get no call back. When we finally get some one here he says he sees no problems. More calls, more people. After a year we finally call a lawyer and suddenly they are ready to fix the problems.
So here we are in cool temps and now they seem to have sent a crew that is really doing it right. But we will see....
Of course so many things we planned to do waited. Curtains half hung since we had put up no molding knowing the windows had to come out again. My wallpaper sits in the closet waiting for the new drywall to be put up. Paint chips tucked in the door molding waiting for the final decision. Hardwood flooring stored also waiting.  Pictures that were removed from walls are still in storage and anything that could have been broke packed and waiting. My home is on hold. Now it is too cold to do what we wanted to do so we have to wait till next spring. Lets not forget that my flower beds are a mess. Mulch was put on hold since men tromping on top would have been useless. Flowers were at a minimum , why plant when you think someone is soon coming to work? Alas that also tends to limit me on posts. I don't like how my home looks right now.So I'm careful on cropping the yuch out. But the good side is all they redecorating I get to do when we are finally done!
Sorry for rambling and long post, but I needed to vent and hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Gosh, you live in a nightmare! The thing with contractors doin jobs.. gaaaaah, been there.
    But trust me, it´s going to be a spring and, as you said, a lot of fun decorating is waiting for you.
    hugs elsamarianne


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