Monday, June 19, 2017

Time to heal

 I know I have not posted in a long time. Unfortunately my son who was battling cancer from his VHL cancerous tumor passed on to a much better place the day after Christmas.
 I really missed checking out what everyone has been doing. With more time to come to grips with losing him i hope to be able to start posting again. Does anybody ever really ever forget their loved ones that died? No, but life goes on and we must put on a brave face and push on.
 Until then hug your loved ones, kiss them and tell them how much you love them. We never know how long God has planned for their time here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Witch Is In !

 It's that time again, cool crisp nights, hues of red, orange and yellow along with smells of campfires burning. This is my favorite time of the year! Along with fall produce of apples and pumpkins comes the holiday Halloween. I enjoy decorating with mums and corn stalks, a happy scarecrow mixed with haybales and gourds. But Halloween is the one time you can get very creative and nobody seems to look at you strange.
A bit blurry picture of my front window, the glare along with rain made it hard to get a good pictures.
My corner fireplace takes on the start of the haunted mansion look.

 A few bugs and colorful leaves added to my coffee table.

 A spook to add to the look.

 A few family pictures and cobwebs. I took pics before I added bows to hide the tape holding the pics up.
 Of course the mandatory cemetary on either side of the walkway.
My version of Billy Bones.

 Every haunted house needs a black cat.
 A garden fence with a sparse coat of black paint adds a more spooky feel.
These are pictures of last years decorating, taken with haste. But this year should bring more decorating along with better picture since I finally am off grave shift and am getting more time to get things done.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thinking Halloween

I wish I could say things got better around here but alas.... It seems the only time I get the urge to decorate is at Halloween. I always try to change my decorating to keep people wondering what I'm going to do this year. I found some pictures from a few years ago that I wanted to show.

The theme was witches lair complete with a potions table.

I think maybe I need to find an exterminator, LOL!!!
Well, I need to bone up and find some new idea to work with and I will try to posts more pics. Until then Happy Haunting !!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Still Here !

It's been quite a few months since I posted but I have been thinking of everyone. Life here is still in a turmoil with dr. appointments,tests and work. I have not really had time to do much around here except regular housework and making supper. The one thing I did manage was to revamp my front porch for a place to sit back and relax even if it is just for a few minutes.
I love the results ! The "wicker" set was a birthday present last year from my hubby. The cushions were free with the set so they were not my choice but I have learned to work with what you are given so I have been pleased with the results.

This is sure different with my usual style of roses and lace.
Click here for last years porch.
Ok, so maybe I haven't released all my flowers LOL! But I did go for more greenery  for the porch than flowers.

A few candles in lanterns add just enough light without attracting bugs.

I hope everyone has a great summer to enjoy even if it is just relaxing on their own porch. One just has to make due with what they have and in the end the results might surprise you.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Flies By!

I did not realize it had been SOoooo Longggg... since I posted last. Life around here is an emotional roller coaster. My daughter is now off starting college to become an RN, and my son is still battling cancer Needless to say I have not been feeling very sociable,let alone in the mood to do any decorating. Halloween which I love was without one thing done, and Thanksgiving was made with a heavy heart. We scraped by Christmas (barely) trying our best to enjoy the day. I myself have a few health issues pop up due to stress but with some pills am doing somewhat better. I am praying things get better around here so I can do more than just go through the routine aimlessly. I just wanted to let you know I'm still here,if just in very small doses. I will try to get some things posted after we get daughters room rearranged since she is not here to object. Till then take care and please keep praying for my son.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Porch Decorating

I love Fall! The earthy colors are some of my favorites. If you follow my blog you would remember that I had white wicker furniture before. After a trip to the Biltmore Estate I was insprired by the more natural wicker that was used on the porches. So my hubby surprised me with a new porch set for my birthday.
I really love the warm honey color mixed with rusts and oranges.

 Faux pumpkins along with some indian corn  give just enough color to brighten my table. So many real looking pumpkins can now be found without the mess of a mushy mess later to clean up.

 We love to sit out here at night and take in the cool night air along with the sounds of owls hooting in the distance.

 Last years wreath I made was dressed up with a new bow for fresh look.
 My mum from last year needs just a few more days to show off its yellow flowers just beginning to bloom. These two rockers now need to be repainted again to go more with colors of the rest of the porch.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my porch as much as I loved decorating it. Soon it will transform more into a more Halloween style but I usually wait till about a week before to  do so.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


 It seems like my life is forever in a turmoil. I feel like I am just going through days and weeks on end on auto-pilot. If you follow my blog (for what little of it has become) you would recall about my son. Of course when you think God has gave you enough to bare more follows. My son has now been diagnosed with cancer of both his 1 kidney he has left and of the liver. We will be soon beginning to start treatment at Hershey cancer center. He will get admitted for his treatment and will get 2 of these to see if there is any response before more will be done. I really need prayers for him. I myself am going to see the doctor to check my blood pressure since I had a few series of nose bleeds and the nurse checked mine and it was 172/90. Not good and since high blood pressure runs in the family it is probably been semi-high but never like this. Until then keep my son in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Biltmore Getaway

Summer is slipping away so fast!! We usually take a 2 week vacation but had to cut it down to one week, so this year we went to Asheville, NC to spend time with family. One whole day was spent at the Biltmore Estate (could have been the whole week to suit me). This place is amazing! The detail of even the most simpliest thing takes your breath away. Life and homes were built with so much love then unlike todays cookie cutter styles.

If you never been there I would make plans to go at least once in your lifetime!

So many beautiful spots for great photos, but unfortunately no photos are allowed in the home itself.

Lush greenery abounds everywhere and I came home to dead plants and lawn!

Beautiful walkways along with water features are everywhere!

I can just imagine sitting on the porch with a ice cold drink and cool breeze watching the wildlife roam the many acres of land that surround the huge mansion!

 Of course ideas abound go through ones head as you take in all the plantings and room decor! Hubby will never learn not to take me those kind of places!
 Hope you enjoyed a few of my photos ( since I took over 100 pics) with just a hint of more things hiding just beyond the view . But then I would not want to show everything to you, since the joy of seeing for yourself is so much better!

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