Sunday, April 24, 2011

Redneck Easter Basket

I am always teasing my hubby about being a redneck and now I think some redneck wore off on me. My kids were talking about how they did not get Easter baskets anymore ( mind they are not little ones). Of course being the sentimental mother that I am I wanted to give them one more basket even if it might cramp their style. Since I am so behind with everything I bought grass, candy and plastic eggs. I figured I could find the baskets easily enough. WRONG! I guess it really has been awhile since they had a basket. Just then my redneck hubby hands me  2 plastic grocery bags.

 Well I guess it's the thought that counts!!!!
They even thought of me with flowers.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Hoping everyone has a happy Easter!
 Update on my son... We are done with all of his life threatening operations . All he needs is to get one more for discs in his neck . Still unsure as to when that will be. Finally he gets to come home tomorrow. He was to come home Monday but he had pneumonia set in. I hope to be able to post again in the next week or two, but need to really do some cleaning around here first. I never got my Easter decor out in fact, ( head hung in shame) I still have Valentine decor sitting on kitchen counter waiting to be carried to shed to be put away. Now I need to go shop for something to make for Easter. I am so behind......