Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cure For What Ails You

I'm cheating today by reposting an older post but I'm sure you may have not seen it so it will be new to you. Forgive me it has been a hectic week!
Hanging in my bathroom is this cabinet my dear hubby made for me. I needed something to display my collection of tins and other treasures.
Here's peek inside.
As you can see it is filled with all sorts of remedies and cure alls.
I have some shaving and barber wares. The shaving mug was my grandfathers.

Leaning up against the back corner is my grandmothers curling iron. Can you imagine having to heat this up to burn, I mean curl your hair? 
 This is an antique vaporizer with its original box. The smell of this is far worse than vicks. I also have a few eye wash cups and more tins.

The  pink mirror in the back is was my mothers and was always kept in her sock drawer for safe keeping. Needless to say I'm running out of room so it is hard to not buy more trinkets to add to my collection. Maybe I can have another bathroom added so he can build me another cabinet.
Joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday. Be sure to check out all the other great participants at Colorado Lady!


  1. Very pretty... I'm glad I found you! I would love to invite you to our "Victage Tea Party", on May 10th... come and see what is all about! And so nice meeting you!


  2. My grandma had that baby powder container in our toy box for her house. I use eye cups, they work great! What a charming display!

  3. Your post was new to me. I have not visited your blog before. You really have the cabinet full of great vintage things. I participate in Pink Saturday. Beverly, our hostess for that day, suggests we feature a new friend for the week. I would like to introduce you to the pink ladies this Saturday. Also, I am joining your other friends as new follower.

  4. I love this cabinet and all of your treasures, you really have some neat pieces! Thanks for linking in today!! Happy VTT!

  5. You have an interesting collection. I didn't even know there were antique curling irons.

  6. now, you got so many vintagey collection here! my fave kindda things to collect.. can't pick one.. coz I like all! love the cabinet too! thanks for sharing.

  7. I love old toiletries and cures and have a collection myself that started my love of all things vintage. I have to share it one of these days for VTT. I have also stopped collecting because I've run out of room. I'd love to have my collection stored in such a beautiful cabinet - but I rent so that's not going to happen just now. You have such wonderful things with such a great history. Thank you so much for sharing, I loved this post.

  8. Fascinating! That antique vaporizer is amazing...beautiful and I'm sure for a child suffering from croup (or worse, like the box says, whooping cough!)a blessed relief.


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