Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Porch Decorating

I love Fall! The earthy colors are some of my favorites. If you follow my blog you would remember that I had white wicker furniture before. After a trip to the Biltmore Estate I was insprired by the more natural wicker that was used on the porches. So my hubby surprised me with a new porch set for my birthday.
I really love the warm honey color mixed with rusts and oranges.

 Faux pumpkins along with some indian corn  give just enough color to brighten my table. So many real looking pumpkins can now be found without the mess of a mushy mess later to clean up.

 We love to sit out here at night and take in the cool night air along with the sounds of owls hooting in the distance.

 Last years wreath I made was dressed up with a new bow for fresh look.
 My mum from last year needs just a few more days to show off its yellow flowers just beginning to bloom. These two rockers now need to be repainted again to go more with colors of the rest of the porch.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my porch as much as I loved decorating it. Soon it will transform more into a more Halloween style but I usually wait till about a week before to  do so.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


 It seems like my life is forever in a turmoil. I feel like I am just going through days and weeks on end on auto-pilot. If you follow my blog (for what little of it has become) you would recall about my son. Of course when you think God has gave you enough to bare more follows. My son has now been diagnosed with cancer of both his 1 kidney he has left and of the liver. We will be soon beginning to start treatment at Hershey cancer center. He will get admitted for his treatment and will get 2 of these to see if there is any response before more will be done. I really need prayers for him. I myself am going to see the doctor to check my blood pressure since I had a few series of nose bleeds and the nurse checked mine and it was 172/90. Not good and since high blood pressure runs in the family it is probably been semi-high but never like this. Until then keep my son in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Biltmore Getaway

Summer is slipping away so fast!! We usually take a 2 week vacation but had to cut it down to one week, so this year we went to Asheville, NC to spend time with family. One whole day was spent at the Biltmore Estate (could have been the whole week to suit me). This place is amazing! The detail of even the most simpliest thing takes your breath away. Life and homes were built with so much love then unlike todays cookie cutter styles.

If you never been there I would make plans to go at least once in your lifetime!

So many beautiful spots for great photos, but unfortunately no photos are allowed in the home itself.

Lush greenery abounds everywhere and I came home to dead plants and lawn!

Beautiful walkways along with water features are everywhere!

I can just imagine sitting on the porch with a ice cold drink and cool breeze watching the wildlife roam the many acres of land that surround the huge mansion!

 Of course ideas abound go through ones head as you take in all the plantings and room decor! Hubby will never learn not to take me those kind of places!
 Hope you enjoyed a few of my photos ( since I took over 100 pics) with just a hint of more things hiding just beyond the view . But then I would not want to show everything to you, since the joy of seeing for yourself is so much better!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Porch Party

 Welcome! I'm so glad you could stop by to say hello. We could not have asked for better weather for Rhondi's annual porch party. Thanks Rhondi for hosting this great party! If you were here last year you will see not too much changed here except the way I have the porch set up. I would have loved to add some of my bird houses but they are in need of a good painting and I did not realize it until I went to unpack them, so...Come on up and enjoy!

Make yourself comfortable.

 Of course when the word party is mentioned it does not take the party animals long to show up.

My rocking chairs have been around a long time and have been so many colors, but I think they will will stay white for now.

 Remember these milk boxes? I use mine to hold my small garden tools and gloves. When I want to do a quick trim they are within reach and so easy to get to.
I just love to sit here and take in the piece and quiet.

These candles give off just enough glow to be able to enjoy sitting back listening to the owls and frogs singing their night songs.

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NOTE!!! I am having trouble leaving comments at other blogs but want you to know I appreciate all of your comments and wish I could post on your blogs too!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A View From My Window

Well, my side of the car window anyways.
My hubby loves to go cruising around the country side . So in order to spend some together time, I hop on in and take in all the sights.

You never really see things unless you really hit the back windy and far less traveled roads.

We saw these cute houses and I just had to show you!

I love them! They are so whimsical and out of the ordinary. I hope you  enjoyed seeing them too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weeds For Sale

Bring your wheelbarrow, I have lots of weeds! Since this was a very rainy spring they just took over. Of course on my days off was when it rained the most, so getting ahead of the game was not an option. I dread even putting my hands in here. My kitties think this is their litter box and now since the rain stopped the heat took over! YUCH!!!! Hate to say it but it's going to get round-up on it since I can't plant here until they fix our siding anyways.
 In our wooded area is also weed heaven! If you look real close you will see poison wrapped in among the plants. This too was put on hold, since I really hate the idea of getting poison. Scratching during graduation ceremonies is not my idea of fun! 
 Believe me there is hosta, day lilies, coral bell, and lily of the valley there ( somewhere).
Now I have been busy with other beds that were not so bad. I'm just awaiting on my hubby to get me a trailer load of mulch.

 If I can only keep the cats from digging up flowers!!!!
I hope to be able to get cracking on these this week a little at a time since I am just starting a 6 day work week it will be just a little at a time. Be sure to let me know how many weeds you want , I will be sure to box you up a big box!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Porch Party

Just what I need to help me get motivated!
 Rhondi is having her porch party again,  I love this party! What a great way to get summer a great start than with parties to help get us in the kick back and relax on the porch mood. Last year was so much fun seeing all the great porches no matter how big or small ( and some who did not have actual porches even participated). Be sure to stop by here and see my contribution along with going to Rhondi's to see all of this years participants.  You can also click HERE to see last years party. Of course this  is my porch from last years party here. Hope to see you then!

Gone Too Long!

I do apologize, I have been gone way too long. But my home computer had a huge virus and it took quite awhile to be able to have someone salvage my photos,etc. I just had thought about making discs of them and the next time I went to get on line the damage was already done.So all the should of could of would of were useless. On the bright side it took a bit but my pics were saved! I wish I could have saved more things such as favorite liks etc. but I'm glad with what I got.
Life here has been a whirlwind with my son in recoop and my daughter graduating high school. It's time to just breathe! Where has the time gone? I hope it slows down for me to get some things on my to do list actually accomplished. Some of my plans are: paint my bedroom, do some landscaping, paint all the ceilings in the whole house, repaint the front door, wallpaper living room (if time permits), and some smaller pick me ups. Yes it is a huge list but if I manage some I will be happy. Of course we have plans to go on vacation to the Biltmore Estate with hubbies family. Maybe that trip will help get more ideas in motion.
I hope to be able to get posting shortly as soon as all the parties and celebrations die down that gives me time to slip away for me time,so until then........

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Ugly Duckling

I am still in the process of trying to get caught up on all my work that seems to have built up to a mountain. Between housework and trying to get my flower beds in order, I really did not get a chance to take pics or really even post. Hopefully this ugly duck of a place will turn back into the beautiful swan again.
To top everything off my daughters school project came home. Just what I need! Oh well they are fun to watch and I can't say anything since my childhood was filled with all sorts of critters from chickens to rabbits to birds.

So far she has kept after them and not complained once. Now I have to make my hubby finish my pond in the yard so they have a place to swim OUTSIDE! Until then, I hope everyone has a great Mothers Day!