Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty in Pink

My taste for pink is starting to overflow into more rooms lately. I noticed this with some of my latest sale finds. Here it showed up in the roses on this plate.
  I just simply could not resist this vintage tea towel or even pass up a beautiful swirled teapot

Of course this hand embroidered pillow was not going to be passed by. Surely no one will notice one more teacup or teapot..... Maybe. Even the cute pink flowers on this doily were just too hard to leave there.
Maybe I need a pink intervention?
 Joining Beverly for Pink Saturday. Visit her at How Sweet the Sound.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whisper of White

In among my plants I have hints of white, whether a garden statue,

or perhaps one of my flowering shrubs,

even in my fountain and annuals.

But one thing for sure I never expected to see a white turkey and family strolling across the road.
Living in the country sure has brought many an animal in our yard, but this was a first.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome !

Come on up and have a seat.  Watch your step !
Glad you could stop by for a visit as I am joining Rhondi for her annual porch party.
I have plenty of seating so everyone can make themselves comfortable.

We could have a round or two of checkers is you would like.

Feel free if you would like to stretch out and take a nap.
 No need to knock I've been expecting you.
I even brought out the croquet set in case some one would like to play!

Oops someone else decided to join us.
I sure am glad you stopped by!
I hope you enjoyed the view.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

Ok, maybe not. But I love rainy days, always have, probably always will. There is nothing better than sitting and watching rain drops rolling down the window panes and hearing distant thunder.
I love to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and a good book. I really do not have too much time to enjoy this  much, but love it when I get the chance. If you enjoy a good mystery, along with some great tea savory recipes try reading a series from Laura Childs. Her newest one is The Teaberry Strangler.
  She also has two other  great series to chose from. I really enjoy them along with almost anything I get my hands on. What do you read when you get the chance?
 Time to go, I'm so close to find out who the killer is!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's Out

Well, school is officially over here. Time for kids to be home all day. It won't be long and soon you will hear "I'm bored ."  Now since my daughter is sixteen and now has her own way to get around, maybe she can amuse herself. But it made me start thinking of years ago. No tv, xbox, computer, I pod, or even videos!!!
So I decided to find a few of my games of yesteryear. Imagine having to use your imagination to amuse yourself.

Oh how times have changed ! The only time we would ever be inside the house was on rainy days or if it was time to eat. Now kids need to be told to go outside. Sure makes one wonder on how in the world did we ever survive! LOL!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hallway Bears

I would have loved to show you some of the projects I accomplished this weekend,but... While I was attempting to take down my flags I tripped over a flower pot and took a nose dive straight onto to the concrete porch.   So now I sport a most fashionable skinned elbow, bruised hip and palms of my hands. I think someone is telling me to slow down and take a rest.
So instead I'll show you my hallway bears. We have a long hallway so so make it seem less like a tunnel halfway I hung some of my bear collection.
I wish I could have taken better picture to show but it is not the biggest hallway to attempt to take good pictures. So till next time take care in all you do, it only takes a second to put plans on the back burner.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bedroom Redo Overdue

I have been putting off revamping  our bedroom forever it seems. But since the contractors are to come redo their sloppy work, I figured why not go for it since things will be torn apart anyways. I figured if we get the walls done maybe we can lay hardwood flooring in next year.
I'm so tired of the color and am looking for a more darker richer color. Since I sleep during the day, I'm hoping a darker color will make it less light reflective.
This is some of my collection of hats and minks. I got most of them at estate sales for next to nothing.
Here's my dresser top. Yes it's full but I like to show off my knick-knacks.
My nightstand, complete with chocolates. (Actually magnets in a vintage candy box.)
A quick view of my lingeria chest top.
A few of my hat boxes.
This is my border with some of my paint choices, I'm leaning to the one on the far right the most. I think it's called "old gold". I'm showing it on top of my comforter. I'll hopefully be able to make a solid decision until they are finished with the windows and maybe be done by August. Till then I'll sleep on it.