Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enter If You Dare!

Ok, I'll admit it..... I love to haunt my house for Halloween! I tend to go nuts when I see stores putting out their Halloween inventory. So far this year I have been good and have not bought anything more than $5.00. Of course it's only the beginning of the month!
I plan on taking my cheerful flowers out of the cauldron and replace it with candy for any trick or treaters that venture close. If they can charm the witch that is!

This year I set up a witches table complete with potion bottles that I made. I had the bottles for about 2 years before I got around to adhere the rub-on labels to them. My mother had found the bottles for me at a thrift store while she was still living. Most had oils with unknown items floating in them.
I found the potion labels at Michael's last year and decided it was easier than printing my own. I have shining on the table from the back a green spot light which gives off an eerie glow.

 I hope I'm not "bugging" anyone with my decorations. The bugs are some of hundreds hanging around. I would of loved to adhere them going up the wall but my hubby wouldn't let me! (We are having contractors come to repair siding & windows from their shoddy job and it would be useless to go throught the trouble) When you add a strobe light it makes you think that they are actually moving. Gives are real creepy feeling if you hate bugs.
Most of my props are from things my daughter and friends used to haunt their high school for a fun fund-raiser for their high school band. It is always a big hit with the area kids! Hence, the reason my skull is dripping in blood. I seemed to always be the mother they came to for help setting up. Not every mom knows how to make homemade blood cheap.
If you would like to see my porch in its sweeter decor click here.
Participating in Vintage Inspiration Friday Fall party with Debra over at Common Ground.
 Be sure to check out many other porches decked out in either their fall finest or eerie elegance!


  1. Wow! This is awesome. I have that spell book. I love it. That scared cat is too neat! Very fun porch vignette.

  2. Great table and love the bottles! The "scary" black cat is perfect for the setting, thanks so much for linking up to VIF!!!

  3. Love the spell book and the bottles. I can tell you had fun!

  4. Fun Halloween decor~ I bet the kids just love it! Hopped over from the Porch Party!

  5. Cool bottles!! I have a box of those to work on!
    Tammy :-)

  6. Your porch looks great! The Book of Spells, black cat and potion bottles lend a spooky air...but, the bugs? They are fake, right? I sure hope so cause they sorta creeped me out for a moment there. LOL. Super job!

  7. Now thats SpooooKy ~ Love the Bugs on the Gourds & the Spell Book.... The Owl just seems to be watching over everything ~ Thanks for Sharing

  8. Love the owl and the decorated chair.

  9. Love your spell-binding porch! Those bottles are a "hoot"! Can't say I really like the bugs...that IS pretty creepy - hee hee hee!
    Have a nice week!

  10. What a fun and festive Halloween spot! Love the bottles! Smiles, Julie

  11. Very interestingly creepy decorations. Great that you have so much fun and that you are the go-to mom.
    Did you find that book? I keep saying I will make one, but never find the time and now with my computer having "attitude..."


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