Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday Gift

If you follow my blog you might remember the post I did about my sister. She is battling breast cancer and her craft she does to keep her mind busy is making dolls. For more on that post click here. I showed a few pics of the doll she made my daughter and one of a doll whos pics she sent me.
Well she surprised me with giving me that doll for supporting her. I love her! Thank you!

She has even the cutest toes!

  Doesn't she look real?
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  1. I thought it was real until I got to reading-I'll keep your sister in my prayers-I'm really trying to concentrate on those with cancer-seems like so many lately!

  2. Wow, that doll really does look real. Healing thoughts to your sister and happy Pink Saturday.

  3. She is beautiful.............she does look real !


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