Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take Time

Hello Ladies! I'm running late today had to bake 4 dozen cupcakes for daughter to take to her schools craft show. I'll share some with you later after I sit back and relax. I know poor hostess thinking of myself!
I love when my favorite magazine comes in and I have time to just kick back and pour over the pages.

 I have two old womans magazines from 1938 that are so fun to look at.

 Even then they gave decorating tips.

 Of course fashion tips...
From dresswear to headwear....

 Femine tips...(armhole odor LOL)
Being patriotic..

And of course how to be dainty.

I wish I could show you more but now I have to go put icing on all those cupcakes! Help yourself to a cup of tea and enjoy.

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  1. Thank your for the tea. It was exactly what I needed after defrosting the large freezer, vacuum the entire house and digging deep in the laundry-basket...
    I´d rather bake a cake than fight ice.
    hugs elsamarianne

  2. The old magazine or books are sometimes more interesting than the new.

  3. those old magazines! If you baked 4 doz cupcakes, you deserve to sit back with a cup of tea and read!

  4. I so love seeing the vintage magazines, they are so fun! Happy VTT!

  5. Y'all are so busy!!! My house is a mess, as usual, but the kitchen counters and sink are clean, so that's a great start!!
    I LOVE LOVE those magazines! What a hoot! Armhole Odor!!! That's hysterical! It sounds like I just talked with a little old lady who was asking me if I had any 'spray net' for her hair!!
    Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! That pillow by the way is lovely!!!! Blessings, Doni

  6. I love looking at old magazines, especially the ads.

  7. These are great! LOVE the old magazines, especially the advertisements! Thanks for linking up with VIF.


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