Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cookies Anyone?

Remember those tv shows where they showed the moms so lovingly cooking and baking for their families? Dressed up with their pearls and lace aprons and high heels?
Well guess what that is not me! LOL

Times have definitely changed.

Back then you hardly ever heard of box cakes. Everything was from scratch (at least at my house).

Do you remember salt coming in a bag instead of a canister?

One of my vintage tea towels along with a lacy apron below.

Milk came in glass bottles left on your porch in your milk box. I don't remember the milk man but do remember the bread man and the occasional butcher.
Even peanut butter in a tin instead of a jar! That is before my time.

Well, since I got all this stuff out I guess I need to actually bake something! Now where is the on button to my oven?

This might take awhile, so until then stop by:


  1. Hi! I´m the kind of housewife who knows one good recipe and uses it all the time. A fast sponge cake with cinnamon. Everyone in our household loves it. Do they want something else, they have to go to the supermarket or the bakery... And I don´t use pearls and definetly not high-heels...;-)
    Beautiful pictures
    hugs elsamarianne

  2. I like having old things like that, but I don't actually bake anything.

  3. I have several cookboks that I like fingering through. I still thoroughly enjoy cooking and especially baking. The older I get, the more I love the baking better. *wink* Something about the many different way to present chocolate. Hugs. Tammy

  4. Hi Terry, That looks like a Leave it to Beaver commercial or Ozzie and Harriet! Love those old pic's, nice post! Hugs Marilou

  5. I can not imagine dressing like that to cook!!!! But....I can imagine using all those wonderful vintage goodies in the kitchen!! Great post!! Happy VTT!

  6. Love this post!! How perfect too with our beloved Barbara and her pearls! The only time I wear jewelry in the kitchen is right after Church on Sunday afternoon for the very start of lunch! If I get home and run in the kitchen, I can have the bread out, the deli meat out, and have some sandwiches put together in about 5 minutes! No home cooking here either! Perhaps a few box mixes at Christmas and a frozen pie or 2 during the year, but if it doesn't come with directions and in a box, it doesn't get made!
    Here's to the happy cook who loves her kitchen and cooking so much, she's comfortable in Pearls and Lace!
    Thanks so much for joining me this week!
    Blessings, Doni

  7. Love, love all of your items. Whoooo would ever cook in highheels I ask???
    Thanks for sharing

  8. GREAT vintage kitchen items. I do remember the milkman. Fun memories :)


  9. I remember the milkman and love your vintage goodies. I bake but then I sample which is not a good thing. ♥olive

  10. Loved your post!! Ah, memories ;)

  11. My grandmother had milk delivered and we played with the bottles and the tin box on the front porch all the time! Sweet memories. Love all of your old kitchen items.

  12. Vintage kitchen stuff is my favorite. Your post brought back a lot of memories.

  13. Great post. Those are some great vintage finds, right up my alley. TFS!

  14. Lovely post, love all of you vintage kitchen stuff!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  15. I don't wear a dress and pearls only to church but I do put on an apron. Love your old things and I too grew up with the cooking from scratch recipes...still my favorite way to cook, bake and what my family prefers to eat. Thanks for sharing...come and say hi.

  16. Your vintage baking items are wonderful ~ I don't remember Salt in a bag (yet the celtic salt I buy now, comes in a heavy plastic bag) Loved the TV shows with the Moms from the 50's-60's with Aprons & Pearls, Perfect Post....

  17. What a great collection of vintage goodies. I love to bake, but I don't indulge much anymore.
    Especially love those great cookie cutters.
    Thanks for joining in for VIF!


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