Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks

Well here it is time for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys their holiday. I had no big plans for the day since my hubby is going home to NC by himself. ( It will be his first time home for Thanksgiving in the past 19 years) I have mandatory hours at work and my son also has to work.  My kids put the guilt trip on me and now I'm making just turkey legs. We would never eat a whole bird.

This is my table before, plain but functional. After ....
Feels more like Thanksgiving .
I know it is full but I made the table smaller to give more space in the room and it makes it look cramped.

I really didn't want to do much since we are still waiting on the contractors to finish. Don't ask!

I found these leaf plates at the dollar store and had to get them.

My horn of plenty is one my oldest sister made years ago along with the ceramic fruit and gourds.

I really love the look by candlelight but since we will be eating for dinner no candles will be needed.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and be sure to GIVE THANKS for the blessing to be with family and friends even if it is only in your heart.

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  1. Beautiful pictures.
    Greetings from a white Sweden and elsamarianne

  2. Hi! I love your table and turkey legs sound great!! The horn of plenty is mighty fine! Thanks for sharing and Happy MM!

  3. Your Thanksgiving table is superb. So many wonderful decorative items to enhance your celebration. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  4. You've been featured at Its So Very Cheri



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