Friday, August 27, 2010

Miracle Party and Pink Saturday

This weeks Pink Saturday is a little different, today's party is about celebrating life's small and large miracles!
 Bloggers are asked to check out a room makeover done for Colette Gauthier. Colette is battling breast cancer a thing in which my own sister is currently in her own battle for.  Please stop by The Katillac Shack for the full story and leave a comment for in which a $1.00 donation will be given in your name for the next MIRACLE MAKEOVER FOR SOMEONE IN NEED!

I'm going to cheat a little this week in order to talk a little about my sister. Anita was diagnosed with breast cancer right after the death of our mother  one year ago. Losing ones own mother compounded with the thought of ones own health ( she has numerous health issues including a rod helping her support her spine and previous heart attack) put her in a tail spin. But after many tears and sleepless nights we believe we have a very good long term outlook. The cancer was found to be only confinded to the breast.  AMEN!!! 
Now on to the good part... In a way to keep her mind busy with other thoughts my sister makes dolls. She will do everything from rooting hair, painting faces, styling and dressing the baby each with their own unique personality. As she is working on each baby she gets a "feel" for each babies name and their own special outfit needed to make them come to life.
 Now my daughter is 17 and is not into dolls but for this cutie she is willing to make the exception.

It really is hard to tell but she even put a little tear in the corner of her eye. On her tiny babies she even puts bubbles in their mouth.

I wish I had photos of some of her other dolls she has made, they can be quite an eye fooler at first glance! I quess I will have to ask her to do a photo shoot of her kids before her next show. These babies have been her salvation in a sort with not only keeping her occupied but also helping bring income into her household. If anyone would be intersted in ordering any baby she does her best to find just the right fit for your need. Just contact me and I will pass along any requests.
Be sure to stop by Beverlys' site and visit all other participants in this special edition of Pink Saturday by going to How Sweet the Sound!
Until then sweet dreams........ I had my sister email me a picture of one of her itty bitties but she was taking a nap. LOL


  1. How I wish I had a young girl to buy a special present for! This is a most inspiring post. I wish for continued health improvement and great success for your sister.

  2. What a great thing for your sister! So happy she is well.

    Thank-you for sharing this uplifting story!

    I appreciate you!

    love, kelee

  3. Just beautiful dolls for this Miracle Weekend.


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