Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coffee,tea or lemonade ?

Spring cleaning has begun and that means cleaning in places that are not normally cleaned with regular weekly chores. One such spot for me is those high up places such as on top of my refrigerator. Since I only use the cabinet above my refrigerator for my christmas dishes easy access is not a priority.
I was desperate for a more lighter look here since my kitchen cabinets are soooo dark. I've been fighting with myself on what I want to replace them with but I can't make a decision.
This server I bought at a yard sale from a woman who used to have tea parties and had all sorts of wonderful tablecloths, napkins and tea accessories. I was in heaven!A couple of pieces of my collection of pink depression glass and a coffee grinder from my late uncle.
Still it looked dark so a small string of lights did the trick. I'm hoping to talk my hubby into a kitchen redo but until I do, I have to find whatever I can to make it appear less depressing.


  1. OH this is beautiful! I love your teacup and all of your fluffy roses!

  2. I noticed your orange juicer! I have one in depression green and use it frequently!


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