Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Time!

Don't you just love spring!  Fresh grass growing, flowers blooming, summertime birds appearing, windows thrown open to catch soft gentle breezes.

This is our flowering weeping cherry tree in the front of our yard. I love it! The only downfall is the blooms do not last long enough to enjoy them very long. Every year we get windy days just when it hits full bloom and you would think it was snowing out.
This pink beauty is a Kwanza flowering cherry. The blooms last much longer and the pink color just screams SPRING!  I'm truly fond of all flowering trees but my husband is not so thrilled with the mess after the blooms have faded.
These tulips have turned heads a few times. I even had someone ask to buy them from me! I would have never thought anyone would even think that! I guess if they ever are MIA I know about where they went.

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