Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Intentions

Did you ever have one of those times that no matter what everything seems to be working against you? I feel that way now. I had all these things to do this past weekend and about none of them got done. I did get to go buy my flowers to plant but..... it decided to rain and be cold. So here sit all my flowers on the porch waiting.
 I figured since I couldn't plant that I would tackle my porch rockers and fill in the rough spots and give them a fresh paint job. But my wood filler dried up,so.. another project put on the back burner.
Washing my curtains to hang on the wash line fell in the same problem with the weather. But to top everything off my hubby tells me not to get too clean happy that the contractor that put in our windows and siding is coming back to fix all the problems. That means more dirt drug throughout the house, me sleeping in the camper ( I work graveyard shift) and all my flowers trampled.  So I gave up and decide well if I can't do anything else, I'll wash my baby.
 Don't he look pityful?

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  1. Snickers is so cute, I beat he runs around and is so Happy to be clean. An he is very proud of the way he looks and has to show off to everyone. My son as a cat name Patches and he looks just like you cat. Come and visit when you get back into your house.


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