Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gone Too Long!

I do apologize, I have been gone way too long. But my home computer had a huge virus and it took quite awhile to be able to have someone salvage my photos,etc. I just had thought about making discs of them and the next time I went to get on line the damage was already done.So all the should of could of would of were useless. On the bright side it took a bit but my pics were saved! I wish I could have saved more things such as favorite liks etc. but I'm glad with what I got.
Life here has been a whirlwind with my son in recoop and my daughter graduating high school. It's time to just breathe! Where has the time gone? I hope it slows down for me to get some things on my to do list actually accomplished. Some of my plans are: paint my bedroom, do some landscaping, paint all the ceilings in the whole house, repaint the front door, wallpaper living room (if time permits), and some smaller pick me ups. Yes it is a huge list but if I manage some I will be happy. Of course we have plans to go on vacation to the Biltmore Estate with hubbies family. Maybe that trip will help get more ideas in motion.
I hope to be able to get posting shortly as soon as all the parties and celebrations die down that gives me time to slip away for me time,so until then........

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  1. Ah, the Biltmore Estate. Can I come along? I can never decide if I like the inside or the outside the best.


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