Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weeds For Sale

Bring your wheelbarrow, I have lots of weeds! Since this was a very rainy spring they just took over. Of course on my days off was when it rained the most, so getting ahead of the game was not an option. I dread even putting my hands in here. My kitties think this is their litter box and now since the rain stopped the heat took over! YUCH!!!! Hate to say it but it's going to get round-up on it since I can't plant here until they fix our siding anyways.
 In our wooded area is also weed heaven! If you look real close you will see poison wrapped in among the plants. This too was put on hold, since I really hate the idea of getting poison. Scratching during graduation ceremonies is not my idea of fun! 
 Believe me there is hosta, day lilies, coral bell, and lily of the valley there ( somewhere).
Now I have been busy with other beds that were not so bad. I'm just awaiting on my hubby to get me a trailer load of mulch.

 If I can only keep the cats from digging up flowers!!!!
I hope to be able to get cracking on these this week a little at a time since I am just starting a 6 day work week it will be just a little at a time. Be sure to let me know how many weeds you want , I will be sure to box you up a big box!

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  1. Terry, I chuckled just reading the title of your post. Don't forget a weed is just a misplaced flower.


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