Friday, August 6, 2010

Nothing to Sneeze At

It's time again for Pink Saturday!
 Today for my contribution I'm showing off a few of my handkerchiefs.

 I love all the detail put into something that was tucked into a womans purse or just held in ones hand to daintly dab ones eyes.
Most of them have been picked up over time from here and there.

Please go by and say hello to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and be sure to check out some of the other participants. Hope everyone has a great Pink Saturday!


  1. Love old hankies, so much work out into the edging and such beauty and history in a little item, what treasure! I have many myself! I use them in my projects, shame on me but I love to add vintage in my work! Great Pink Post, Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Love all your sweet hankies. Wishing you a happy pink Saturday on my first PS!

  3. Beautiful hankies!!! Wishing you a happy PS on my first PS!

  4. I absolutely love hankies! These are wonderful!
    I enjoyed my visit here! Many of the recipes you asked about earlier are on my blog under Recipes for Afternoon Tea.


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