Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leave Them in Stitches

Hello Ladies!
Today I decided to show you some of my sewing collection. I confiscated this old sewing machine from my sister years ago. It is seized up and a little rusty but I love it anyways.
The biscuit tin was from my aunt and she gave this to me when I was about six. I find it is perfect to hold all my sewing accessories.

 I even found a little oil can and a bottle of machine oil unused.

My mother had this darning egg ever since I can remember. Does any one really mend socks anymore? Sorry mom but if a sock gets a hole in it I'm throwing it away. Hee Hee

Now I'm not too sure on this ivory item. I think it holds tools for lace making, but I know it is not complete or all original. I do know that there had to be another piece to it because it has threading that something else would screw on it. Unfortunately I have never seen another one like it.

Today I'm joining Doni for Pearls and Lace Thursday at Faith, Grace, and Crafts. Be sure to go by and say hello. So until next time.....


  1. Hi Terry! Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I just love love love your sewing stuff! You have such a lovely assortment of items, and I like how you took that machine and gave it a new life!! Blessings to you! Doni

  2. Hi! I also joined Doni for Pearls and Lace Thursday. I´m so delighted to find a "soulmate" as I love these old sewing tools.
    No, I don´t think people mend socks anymore. But I keep my grandma "mushrooms" and remember her in the kitchen mending grandads old "triplemedended" that he loved to wear.
    hugs from Sweden and elsamarianne


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