Friday, June 4, 2010

Bedroom Redo Overdue

I have been putting off revamping  our bedroom forever it seems. But since the contractors are to come redo their sloppy work, I figured why not go for it since things will be torn apart anyways. I figured if we get the walls done maybe we can lay hardwood flooring in next year.
I'm so tired of the color and am looking for a more darker richer color. Since I sleep during the day, I'm hoping a darker color will make it less light reflective.
This is some of my collection of hats and minks. I got most of them at estate sales for next to nothing.
Here's my dresser top. Yes it's full but I like to show off my knick-knacks.
My nightstand, complete with chocolates. (Actually magnets in a vintage candy box.)
A quick view of my lingeria chest top.
A few of my hat boxes.
This is my border with some of my paint choices, I'm leaning to the one on the far right the most. I think it's called "old gold". I'm showing it on top of my comforter. I'll hopefully be able to make a solid decision until they are finished with the windows and maybe be done by August. Till then I'll sleep on it.

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  1. Oh I love the magnet chocolates!! So cool. Do you ever where those hats? I have always thought that it would be such fun to do so!!! I would love to get a bunch of women together and go out to eat wearing old hats!! I like the nighties hanging near the hats.


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