Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's Out

Well, school is officially over here. Time for kids to be home all day. It won't be long and soon you will hear "I'm bored ."  Now since my daughter is sixteen and now has her own way to get around, maybe she can amuse herself. But it made me start thinking of years ago. No tv, xbox, computer, I pod, or even videos!!!
So I decided to find a few of my games of yesteryear. Imagine having to use your imagination to amuse yourself.

Oh how times have changed ! The only time we would ever be inside the house was on rainy days or if it was time to eat. Now kids need to be told to go outside. Sure makes one wonder on how in the world did we ever survive! LOL!!

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  1. Hi... thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words.... Tom worked with the pool again today... I don't know if it will make it or not... They say everything is perfect but the water isn't clear.... The sun is shinning this afternoon... I am sunning some in it... taking it all in... They did get a field plated just before the storm yesterday and that hopefully will come on ok... Lives endures many changes and events ... that is one thing for sure... I hope you have a lovely evening... It soon will be time for me to think of getting supper here....


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