Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bathroom Organized

Well, I did it. I got started early on my organizing part of the house we tend to shut the doors and drawers on. Of course I cheated and started with the bathroom!

 But one has to start somewhere. I have to admit I really did not have to do too much here except throw alot of hair items away that were from my daughters younger days and old make-up.

 Most was putting things back into their proper place again. Even so I'm really happy with the outcome. I still want to find a glass jar to put the Q-tips into. Baskets are filled with necessities.

 I really need to buy some newer towels though. I'm really wanting some big fluffy white ones for a change.

 I also want to add some lace edging to the end of the shelves but that will have to wait. Maybe in my cleaning house I will find some that I put away and forgot about.

 Wouldn't be the first time I found a treasure like that.  Even the dog has a shelf for his bath supplies. Another basket holds all the extras like candles and make-up travel cases.

Finding even  my cleaning supplies neatly arranged will make cleaning time more stress free.

 Next stop the hall closet! UGH!!!!!
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  1. What a great job you did and how ambitious you are. I am still taking down Christmas and will be for about 2 weeks, then decorate for Valentine's Day.


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