Sunday, September 26, 2010


I wish I could say that we saw tons of ghosts on our day trip to Philly but alas no. It seems that nothing went the way we would of liked to but it was still a day out just for us girls.
How would you like if this ghastly duo was leering down at you just as you where being taking to the pen? Eastern State Penitentiary, that is.

Built to reform instead of punishment it was the first penitentiary opening in October 1829.

 The unique wagon wheel design was to promote watching, convenience, economy, and ventilation.
Here is an idea of how it may have looked like when in operation. This is how it looks now.
Not exactly the Hilton.
Of course Al Capone stayed here and his cell was the quite plush for his stay.
I wish I could show you more pics but since the bus got stuck in traffic and we were over a hour late unfortunately we got the nickel tour. Hard to take good pictures when you are being rushed. I do not blame the prison as much as I do the bus company for very poor time management. I guess that we will have to make a second trip on our own. On the bright side, we did enjoy the candlelight ghost tour.

Our guide was very nice and told us many stories of haunted places of Philly.
I would recommend this to anyone, but just be sure to be prepared to walk ALOT!

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