Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance!

Rarely do I run to the mall on a work day but since I did an earlier shift yesterday I had 2 extra hours to do a little quick shopping. All I wanted was to find a new tablecloth and napkins since mine are starting to look a little tired. Simple right?
Did I forget to tell you my hubby was with?
While I was doing my thing he walks up to me and says "Is $10 too much for a Royal Albert tea warmer?" Of course not... I'm sure almost everyone has seen Old Country Roses somewhere. I fell in love with this set and my hubby is my supplier. He then tells me they are on sale and the sales lady is upstairs looking to see what else is there. OK...... About 15 minutes later we are loaded down.
What did we get you ask?
1 soup tureen (way too cheap to say)

16 soup bowls (about $1 a piece)

9pc. completer set consisting of 4 cups and saucers with a sandwich plate ($10)

tea set - teapot- sugar- creamer ( unsure of price he won't say just smiles)
teapot warmer ($10)

teacup nightlight ($5)
Not too bad for a day trip.
Now to find a place to put everything.


  1. What a day! What a hubby!
    So wonderful things! Beautiful roses and lovely settings for your afternoon tea parties.
    hugs from Sweden and

  2. Hi Terry! Oh aren't they gorgeous! I love that pattern. How cool that your hubby is looking out for your best interests! He must have had to look particularly for that pattern and price...how many men go into the housewares section to shop??? He's a keeper!!! Congrats!


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