Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy Bee

 I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend ! I really had no time to post, I've been so busy. Every year we go on vacation for 2 weeks so this is prep time. I have been busy pre-cooking, planning and cleaning, shopping and of course laundry. Since my hubby is from North Carolina we always go to Myrtle Beach for a family get-together, but this year we are doing something different. I always wanted to check out Charleston, SC, so.....
Charleston here we come!
This is our home away from home.
Looks small huh? Come on in, I'll show you around.
This is my very compact kitchen. There is a microwave up-top but I missed it somehow.
Our dining room with the table down for easier travel. Our comforters we keep on top of the table during travel to prevent anything that might fall from breaking as easily.
Of course we have a living room.The couch and kitchen table both fold down to make beds. This whole side slides in during travel to make the whole camper more compact.
Here is our one man bathroom. Small but it is better than some of the shower houses in some campgrounds.
The spot with all the blankets folded is the opening for one of the ends that folds down into a queen size bed. is. Unfortunately it is closed at the moment so I can't show you how spacious it is. We also have another queen size bed at the other end, which is also closed.
 The small counter space at the right (the space covered in clutter at the moment) is where our TV goes. It's not the most luxurious camper but it gets the job done. 
I have so many places that I would love to see while in Charleston but I'm unsure how much will be worth it. 
Has anyone else ever been there? If so, if there are any must see places you know of I would love to hear about them!
I am also working on some posts to pre-schedule while we are gone so you don't think I forgot about you.  Well got to go I need to start another load of laundry.....Buzzzzy, buzzzy, buzzzzy.


  1. Home is where the heart is. Have a great vacation! I haven't been there but have heard from others who enjoyed it very much.


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